Erotic Photography and photo shoot packages

Erotic glamour photography photo shoots

Nude and glamour photographyThe images on the Secret Focus website shows a wide range of glamour and boudoir style photography but enquiries about erotic photography and photo shoots still remain most popular.

So, what is an erotic photo shoot?  The term erotic means so many different things to different people and it is very important that you give a clear description to your photographer of what erotic means to you.

Whether your view is that an erotic photo shoot is wearing lingerie and posing in subtle lighting or nude in very revealing poses, your photographer needs to know.

Secret Focus can provide for most, if not all, interpretations of the term ‘erotic photo shoot’ to ensure your wishes and photography desires are met.

Each one of the photography packages can be adapted to include erotic images fitting your description and your photo shoot can be in the studio facilities, at home or another location.  The Secret Focus studio facilities are located in the Midlands and Mid Wales.

Please get in touch using the details on our ‘Contact Us’ page.  Your enquiry will be welcome.