Boudoir Glamour, Sexy, Nude and Erotic Photo Shoots

Your sexy boudoir glamour or nude photo shoot.

You want to know about your Secret Focus boudoir or glamour photo shoot, what happens and how will it be done, planned and organised.

To get the best from your photo shoot tell us exactly what images you want!  Do you want sexy, naughty, nice, erotic, sensual, nude or classy, elegant photography?  Your ideas make a great start.

You can have as much photo shoot involvement you want or simply leave the details to the photographer and enjoy the modelling experience. You get direction and encouragement from the photographer with sneak previews of the images as taken. Secret Focus send preparation details including suggested clothing and accessories so, take a look at your lingerie and tell us your ideas.

Studio Photography

Photo shoots are in a well equipped studio with props and sets available, selected to fit your chosen boudoir or glamour style. All you have to do is leave your inhibitions at home and step into the world of the model.

Time is available for preparation, with or without a make up or hair stylist, as arranged.  If you want to arrive ready prepared, that’s cool too! The studio will be ready including sets for your photo shoot.

Home Photography Shoots

Maybe your home offers some great room locations and you have great ideas using these settings and only require the photographer, lighting and camera so you have the comfort and relaxation of familiar surroundings.  We can also provide something different for you by bringing some useful soft furnishing materials.

Location Photography

Location photography arrangements are welcome, whether its a unique location, outdoors or maybe a well appointed hotel room or suite with lavish decoration, modern décor, a four poster bed, shower room, kitchen, elegant stairway or a completely ‘off the wall’ idea.

After your photo shoot

You are sent a set of proofs from which you can select your favourite photographs for editing, adjusting or retouching at you own pace without sales pressure.  Finished photographs are sent on a CD approximately 10 working days after receiving your image selection.