UK Boudoir Glamour Photo Shoot Photographer

Boudoir Photographers and photo shoots in the UK

Lingerie Glamour shot from a Secret Focus Glamour Photo Shoot ©Graham BettsFor a boudoir photographer in the United Kingdom, Secret Focus offer individual boudoir style photo shoots and photography services.

Secret Focus are an ‘out of town’ photographer with photo studio facilities conveniently located in the West Midlands and Mid Wales area, halfway between Manchester, and Bristol and mid way between Birmingham and Aberystwyth.

The studio has a range of sets and backgrounds, affording you a wide selection of photography and photo shoot options to fit your dreams or fantasy.  You can choose your modelling style to include romantic, sexy, sensual, erotic images ranging from stylish lingerie shots to classy nude portraits.  Bridal boudoir photo shoots are included in the range of photography packages.

If you want naughty or nice boudoir images, the studio lighting can be varied to give highlight and shadow to your photographic images offering a subtle and teasing look, a softer light for a romantic feel or a harder light if you want brightly lit erotic images.

Location photo shoots are also offered.

Photography packages are available or you can choose something a little different.  Just enjoy looking around the Secret Focus website and contact us when you want to book you photo shoot.

Safe off road parking and station pick up provided.