Nude Photo Shoots

Sexy nude photo shoots by a professional Photographer

Nude Photography and nude boudoir photo shootPose with confidence in your personal Nude Photo Shoot with Secret Focus who will capture your sexy images in the style of your choice whether it is sensuous and sexy implied nude or a more daring and erotic look.

Complimentary photo studio sets and props are available at the Secret Focus studio facilities where you can fit seamlessly into your sexy nude photo shoot.  If you want to then add some lingerie, see through clothing, loose material or have the lighting hide a little secret or two, then your professional photographer will arrange it for you.  Similarly, nude silhouettes can also be shot with rearranged lighting.

You get your high quality images on CD so you can make prints for an album or enjoy your images on screen.

CLICK HERE to see the Secret Focus range of photo shoot packages and simply contact us to make your booking at the centrally based UK Midlands and Mid Wales based studio or, if you prefer, to arrange a home or location photo shoot.

Private Photo Shoots

Private Photo Shoots and Photography Packages

Glamour photographYour own private photo shoot or photography session is available on request.

When you book your photo shoot with Secret Focus just tell them it is a private photography portfolio and your privacy will be respected.  This applies to photography in the studio, your home or any agreed location.

You can model as you want and use your private photo shoot for almost any style of image whether its glamour, boudoir, nude, fetish or erotic photography.  Secret Focus will capture those images and help you with direction and guidance throughout your photo shoot and the more ideas you have, the better your photo shoot will be.

If you want to be more adventurous and use a little disguise in your photo shoot we can provide masks and similar disguises so you can display your images but remain secretly in focus.  Visit the home page to see what is available for you.

Secret Focus is a UK based photography business conveniently located for the Midlands and Wales with direct train services from Cheshire, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol areas.

Prices are set to be competitive and good value for money and include proofs, CD, image adjusting and the half and full day photo shoot packages include photograph retouching.

Full details of photo shoot packages are listed on the prices page and you can make your booking using our contact page or by phone.

UK Photography Studio

Photography studio for portraits boudoir glamour and model portfolios

What makes a photo studio?  What is a photo studio?

Boudoir glamour photography studio in the UK Midlands and WalesThe answer is that it is simply any building or room suitably adapted and equipped where photographs are taken.  Whether it’s a temporary space hired and set up for the photo session or something more permanent, it’s the activity that determines whether it’s a photography studio.

Photography studios can be spaces originally built for other purposes such as industrial units, warehouses, shops, chapels, pubs, portacabins or former houses.  They can all be adapted as studios to provide space for photography.

Glamour and boudoir photography studio in the UK Midlands and WalesYou cannot buy a photo studio ‘of the shelf’ unless someone else has equipped it for that purpose and most photographers have bought or rented and adapted their own property as photo studios.

The key items in a photo studio can be as basic as plain backgrounds, studio lighting and of course a photographer with a camera.  Any other items can be considered as accessories that help to provide variety to the photography options.

Some photographers only work with available light so even the lighting can be an optional accessory.

Glamour and Boudoir photography studio and make overs in the UK Midlands and WalesPhotography studios vary enormously in both size settings and equipment and no two studios are likely to be the same.  The studio used by Secret Focus is suitably equipped to provide a range of photo sets and lighting options for portrait, glamour, boudoir and model portfolio photography whereas some high street photographers manage with only a single area offering changeable background colours.  Other photo studios are extremely large with extensive lighting, capable of photographing vehicles and other mega sized objects.

To book your photo shoot please take a look around the website and email or telephone via the ‘contact us’ page.

Looking for a Photo Shoot

Glamour and Boudoir style photo shoots & studio photographer

Boudoir Photographers in ShropshireIf you are looking for a glamour or boudoir photo shoot in the UK, Midlands or Wales check out the Secret Focus price list where you can book you own photographer and have a studio based photo shoot or even your own home.

Your photo shoot can include clothed and lingerie style glamour and boudoir shots or topless and/or nude photographs if that it what you want.  You decide the levels and Secret Focus will take care of the technical stuff leaving you to enjoy posing and modelling in front of the camera and studio lights.

Secret Focus will also help with advice, direction and guidance from the photographer aspect to capture the model portfolio quality images you want.

The range of packages includes a set of proofs for you to choose from and also edited and adjusted images suitable for making prints and uploading to the internet.  The half day photo shoot and full day photo shoots also include retouching of your photographs.

So, just decide what you want and get in touch through the ‘contact us’ page.

UK Photographer

Boudoir Photographer and photo shoots in the UK

UK Boudoir Photographer and photo shoot packagesBoudoir Photography and private or confidential Photographer services are provided in a range of studio photo shoot packages in the UK by Secret Focus.


Your personal sexy glamour, boudoir, nude or erotic photography portfolio is available at very competitive prices and may be in the Secret Focus photography studio, at you own home or at another suitable location.

All boudoir photo shoots include a set of proof photographs and edited and adjusted images on CD with some photography packages also including photo retouching as standard.

UK Boudoir Glamour Photo Shoot Photographer

Boudoir Photographers and photo shoots in the UK

Lingerie Glamour shot from a Secret Focus Glamour Photo Shoot ©Graham BettsFor a boudoir photographer in the United Kingdom, Secret Focus offer individual boudoir style photo shoots and photography services.

Secret Focus are an ‘out of town’ photographer with photo studio facilities conveniently located in the West Midlands and Mid Wales area, halfway between Manchester, and Bristol and mid way between Birmingham and Aberystwyth.

The studio has a range of sets and backgrounds, affording you a wide selection of photography and photo shoot options to fit your dreams or fantasy.  You can choose your modelling style to include romantic, sexy, sensual, erotic images ranging from stylish lingerie shots to classy nude portraits.  Bridal boudoir photo shoots are included in the range of photography packages.

If you want naughty or nice boudoir images, the studio lighting can be varied to give highlight and shadow to your photographic images offering a subtle and teasing look, a softer light for a romantic feel or a harder light if you want brightly lit erotic images.

Location photo shoots are also offered.

Photography packages are available or you can choose something a little different.  Just enjoy looking around the Secret Focus website and contact us when you want to book you photo shoot.

Safe off road parking and station pick up provided.


UK Glamour Photo Shoots and Studio Photographer

UK Glamour Photographer and Photo Shoots

Glamour photographer, Secret Focus offer individual Glamour style photo shoots and photography services in the UK.

Secret Focus have photo studio facilities located in the West Midlands and Mid Wales area, convenient and halfway between Manchester, and Bristol and Birmingham and Aberystwyth.

The studio offers a selection of photo shoot options fitting your modelling style such as sexy or sensual, erotic images ranging from stylish lingerie shots to classy nude shots or even silhouette’s.

If you want naughty, nice or ‘teasing’ glamour shots from your photo shoot the studio lighting can be varied to give highlight and shadow variety to your images.  Maybe you want a soft light offering romantic look or harder lighting for Page 3 style modelling.

Photography packages are detail on the prices page where you can also see the great value on offer.  Take a longer look around the Secret Focus website and then contact us to book you photo shoot.

Safe off road parking and station pick up provided.