Fantasy Desires Photography

Fantasy and erotic desires photography packages

Monochrome photo of model in body stocking

Fantasies are made of these.  With this Boudoir Glamour photography package you have a choice of props to fit your theme and we can provide lighting and the studio set to fit.  What will it be?  Light or dark and what props will you choose?  Soft rope or hard cold chains!

The Secret Focus studio in Shrewsbury has the photography sets and props required and you are in control of the erotic levels.  We can provide the studio space for most fantasy and fetish photo shoots.  Simply choose what items in our ‘props box’ fit your fantasy or bring some of your own.  And when it comes to your outfit this too is up to you.  How about some leather, lingerie, stockings, fetish gear, masks or nude with heels and maybe just your jewellery will do?  Even black polythene works.  Does anyone remember Blondie (Debbie Harry) wearing a black Bin-Sack – ultra effective, simple, sexy had and great impact?

In the Secret Focus studio, props and sets can be very basic but effective with strong lighting to provide highlight and shadow for both body sculpting and impact effect in your images.  Alternatively we can arrange more subtle and softer lighting with a lighter studio set to provide a variation upon the dark theme.

Your shots will be taken with both colour and black and white in mind as both choices are available using modern photo equipment and software.