Body Workshop Photo Shoot

The Body Workshop Boudoir Glamour Nude and Erotic Photo Shoots

Glamour photo in workshop scene

The sexy glamour mechanic and the workshop – tools and gear at hand!  Do you want to look grubby and hot or cool and measured?  The choice is yours when you book one of our boudoir or nude boudoir photo shoots or erotic boudoir photo shoots.

Secret Focus Photography offer glamour photo shoots using one of our printed backgrounds to convert the studio into the Body Workshop with bench, spanners, wrenches, tools and various props to fit the theme.  This sexy mechanic, with exceptional body work, maybe dressed in overalls, stripped to the waste showing sexy lingerie, topless or even less making the perfect body work technician to repair any ones broken gear.  And for complete disguise should you want it, we have a welding mask – beat that for modesty!

The Body Workshop photo package uses bold rim lighting to emphasise your body work, figure and curves that pick you out from the background perfectly.  We create a stunning range of images for you to choose from and the photo package does include any desired retouching on your finished body work pictures.