Satin Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Glamour Photography Packages Satin theme

Boudoir glamour photograph

The Secret Focus Satin theme Boudoir and Nude photo package using our red satin sheets is extremely popular and the photo shoot booked above any other!  Not only does this set give a vibrant and sexy look and feel, your shots convert easily into black and white monochrome or sepia images.  This same setting works equally as well with other fabrics and materials giving more options to choose from.

The lighting allows a mystique with the quality of being special in a mysterious and attractive way.  To keep your secret, the use of shadows, or even a mask, can be used to give mystery – who is this gorgeous and sexy person?  The camera position and careful use of shadows also contributes to making your photographs look classy and tasteful.

What you wear is up to you.  What you show, is also up to you.  The ‘Satin Boudoir’ works well for nude boudoir photo shoots, sexy lingerie photography, implied nude and erotic nude photo shoots and images.  All you have to do is decide on your posing levels which can start with some sexy lingerie and take you to wherever your ambitions and desires want to go!

For the ‘Satin Boudoir’ photo shoot we recommend a photography package with an hour long booking which allows several changes of outfit and lighting variations.  This of course can be extended if you want include another theme.