Silhouette Photography

Boudoir nude and silhouette photo shoot packages

Silhouette nude

Offering the option of a nearly complete disguise and mystique, the Silhouette photography package photographs will use diffused light behind you and give you a choice of lingerie modelling or something less – it’s your choice!

Alternatively, using projected lighting or colour onto a background will also enable your unlit, or lightly lit figure to be seen in semi darkness.  Both of these are ideal for nude and erotic style modelling, especially helpful if you want to keep some modesty and tasteful discretion.

This theme can be incorporated into several other themes as a variation if your other boudoir glamour photography package and theme allows it.

The ‘Silhouette’ theme can be used with or with out clothing.  Lingerie for example can form a key part of the mystique within your photographs when partially removed and as part of the image composition.