White Room Theme

Lingerie portraits and Boudoir Glamour photo packages

The White Room is made from white fabrics and complementary material with flattering diffused light. This gives varying shades of grey to your images.Midlands Boudoir Photographer and Studio Photo Shoots

The lighting effect is soft, as if the room has natural daylight coming in and offering a contrast between the sunlight outside and the shade inside.  The overall impression id one of the solitude and privacy found in a personal boudoir setting.

You choice of modelling, posing, nudity or erotica and what you wear are entirely up to you.  Wearing sexy lingerie is a good place to start and can be complimented with something more daring such as implied nude, full nude or something a little erotic with a careless edge to it.  Even if nude images are what you want we will always suggest including some lingerie shots which gives variety and the opportunity to worn in a more revealing way prior to your nude shots.

The room setting used in the Boudoir and Glamour photography package can include a range of furniture, floor coverings, decorative props and pictures to fit the intended situation.  You posing can include any of these items or you can be simply photographed reclining on the set floor.  There are so many posing options available with this set and theme!