UK Photography Studio

Photography studio for portraits boudoir glamour and model portfolios

What makes a photo studio?  What is a photo studio?

Boudoir glamour photography studio in the UK Midlands and WalesThe answer is that it is simply any building or room suitably adapted and equipped where photographs are taken.  Whether it’s a temporary space hired and set up for the photo session or something more permanent, it’s the activity that determines whether it’s a photography studio.

Photography studios can be spaces originally built for other purposes such as industrial units, warehouses, shops, chapels, pubs, portacabins or former houses.  They can all be adapted as studios to provide space for photography.

Glamour and boudoir photography studio in the UK Midlands and WalesYou cannot buy a photo studio ‘of the shelf’ unless someone else has equipped it for that purpose and most photographers have bought or rented and adapted their own property as photo studios.

The key items in a photo studio can be as basic as plain backgrounds, studio lighting and of course a photographer with a camera.  Any other items can be considered as accessories that help to provide variety to the photography options.

Some photographers only work with available light so even the lighting can be an optional accessory.

Glamour and Boudoir photography studio and make overs in the UK Midlands and WalesPhotography studios vary enormously in both size settings and equipment and no two studios are likely to be the same.  The studio used by Secret Focus is suitably equipped to provide a range of photo sets and lighting options for portrait, glamour, boudoir and model portfolio photography whereas some high street photographers manage with only a single area offering changeable background colours.  Other photo studios are extremely large with extensive lighting, capable of photographing vehicles and other mega sized objects.

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